Our Approach

 Securabike’s approach to bicycling parking is in two ways.  The first and most important are those issues or requirements that arise from our customers which allows Leda and CAM to work towards a solution.  This will typically mean the engagement of our sales and design team.  It could be as simple as arranging bike racks or lockers to ensure the optimal use of space, being conscious of the very important factor of aisle widths. Secondly, requirements can be as complex as new bicycle parking designs such as the carousel rack which is a rotating rack which allows you to fit 12 bikes in a corner and easily access each one.

Our approach to production and quality is required to differentiate our products from many of the other workshops that seek to offer basic metal services including bicycle parking.  This led to a focus on finishes whether they be from hot dip galvanizing through to stainless steel.  You will observe the optional HDPE Securabike offer to protect both the bike rack and the bicycle itself when parking metal on metal.  You should note the approach to ensuring not only that the bicycle is actually held up / supported but the cyclist is able to secure the frame and the wheels.  Security is an enormous and growing issue for bicycle parking equipment in the world and it is an important design consideration for any bicycle parking equipment.


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  • Colliers
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  • Jones Lang Lasalle
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