• Carousel 12 Bike Rack



     This innovative space-efficient design provides a rack catering fo up to 12 bicycles. Ideal for 'difficult to get to' locations, it is easy to load bicycles by wheeling up the front wheel until the back wheel locates in the guide. Leaning rails provide support and a means to secure the bicycle.

    The Carousel rack can also be incorporated into a modular vage fitted with a lockable pedestrian gate with optional electronic locking.

    3006mm x 1796mm

    Available in Galvanised / Powder Coated



    • Allow the maximum number of riders of bicycles in the smallest space
    • Efficient bicycle storage
    • Easily installed
    • Long lasting and durable
    • Economical
    • Best Suited for medium term parking
    • Assemble on site


    • Residential apartments
    • Recreation centres
    • Secondary schools. TAFE colleges and universities
    • Workplaces
    • Retail shopping

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    Carousel 12 Bike Rack

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